Sports betting is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. 

Compared to trading the Stock Market, sports betting carries more risk but can also have "better rewards," if played correctly. On top of that, it makes the game even more exciting knowing that there is a stake in the line. Watching sports with a bet makes the game even more fun. Thus, consider online sports betting as "entertainment money" without discounting the potential of investment appreciation. Imagine yourself going to a cinema to watch a movie, going to the NBA venue for instance, and check how much it would cost—it's 100% certain that the money you've spent that day will never have a potential return, though the experience and memories created from it would be considered priceless, indeed. 

If you intend to play, it's highly recommended to only use the money that you can afford to lose coming your "entertainment budget." Not risking more than 1 to 3% per bet or per game in your capital is a very wise idea. With this mindset (also known as bankroll management), it should give us the best and most optimized way of making money in sports betting.

Wagering out of emotion or sentiment usually results in betting on something you want to happen, rather than on what you genuinely believe will happen. Successful betting is not simply about trying to pick as many winners as possible; it's about identifying the right opportunities to back up your judgment. This means being selective. No matter how good you are at betting, you are never going to win every single wager you place. And in this community, we aim to share with you some of our strategies on how to enjoy a bet and the right way.

Choosing a reputable Bookmaker is as important as have a betting plan. 

We've tried over 10 bookmakers out there. Some of them are just fine, some are actually horrible, some won't allow you to withdraw until you have placed a bet in proportion to your deposit, while a few have met our expectations providing good odds, smooth transactions, good customer support, and importantly, a regulated Bookmaker.

First on our list is Betfair

1. We've found that the company has been in the industry since 1999. 

2. Great sports selection—out of over 10 Bookmakers we've tested, Betfair has more sports/game coverage. 

3. Their odds are very competitive. Until now, we are testing its odds against other Bookmakers, still, Betfair holds the throne.

4. Like most Bookmarkers, it has no deposit and withdrawal fees.

5. Good for beginners and pros. Its platform is user-friendly and very neat.

6. The company is affiliated with CopyBet (a social or copy betting platform where you can copy the best and professional bettors on the planet).

7. Betfair has 24/7 live chat. Other Bookmakers that we've tested would reply within hours if not days just to get back to your inquiry.

8. Easy deposit options and accepts credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, including bank transfer for UK clients.

9. The company has Loyalty Points and other promotional events that can help you.

10. Betfair offers a good mobile app for clients that are always on the go.


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