Shiojiri auto parts
Your automotive Business partner in japan

Invest with Us!

Lollipop Money is a proud partner of Shiojiri Auto Parts Trading. Shiojiri Auto Parts Trading has been in the business of buying and selling trucks and car parts in Japan and the Philippines since 2015.

Would you like to invest in our fast-growing business? 

  • We are offering a fixed 5% interest to your capital for only a 2-month holding period.

What is the minimum amount to loan Shiojiri Auto Parts Trading? 

  • P50,000 ($1,000)

How does it work? 

  • For example, when you lend us an amount of P100,000 on January 1, simply wait for a 2-month holding period, and you will get your capital plus interest on March 1—a total of P105,000!

Partner with us in our Container Shipment!

  • Join our actual operations in Japan and be a part of our team. Invest in a half or full-container and earn from 33% to 60% profit sharing in just two months. 
  • When you invest in a (full-container), you are entitled to visit and join our actual operations in Japan from 1 week to up to 30 days for free. 

How does your system work? 

  • For the first two weeks, we are "shopping" the best and in-demand trucks, sports cars, and regular cars. 
  • In the 3rd and 4th week, we disassemble the parts and load it to our container one by one.
  • It will take three weeks to ship it from Japan to the Philippines.
  • It takes one week to wholesale everything in the Philippines. 

Photos from Shiojiri Auto Parts & Lollipop Money in Japan

Our group in Japan