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Hi, I'm Michael! Welcome to our eToro Page!

We are a private investment group from the Philippines. We invest in small businesses, Local and International Stock Market, Cryptocurrencies, and the Forex Market.

Our group is made up of my family (parents and brother), closest relatives, and friends.

Our goal is to grow these private investments that have been trusted to us, and now, share them with the general public.

At eToro, we use four different accounts with four different strategies. 

1. The First Account is captainchariots (Focus Fund)

The first account is focused on investing in blue-chip stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, REITs, and even cryptocurrencies. The goal of Focus Fund is to create a solid and reliable retirement fund that aims to make at least 10% per year. Its portfolio rebalancing is done once a month along with minor tweaks in between without using leverage. This portfolio is suitable for long-term investors and who do not worry about daily fluctuations. The suggested holding period should be more than 1 year, and again, with consistent top-up investments as we would personally do that as well.

2. The Second Account is silvershalis (Diversified fund)

In contrast to our Focus Fund (captainchariots) which is our flagship account, the SilverShalis portfolio aspires to become one of the most diversified portfolios on the planet. Diversifying may sound as easy as buying numerous stocks as you can and hope for the best. While that could be true to a certain degree, the main difference here is the ROI or the return of investment.

Being highly diversified can also mean less volatility. The lesser the volatility, the lesser the risk and so with the rewards. However, by effectively combining small, medium, and blue-chip companies, along with a handful of speculative stocks, and deeply analyzing what stocks to purchase or what to get rid of each month—the main goal is to provide the public a portfolio with low-risk and squeeze in medium to high reward returns


3. The Third Account is Lollipopmoney (Value Investing)

This portfolio strives to find the "best deals" available, or also known as value investing. By constantly looking for undervalued assets using the Price to Earnings Ratio, Price-to-Earnings Growth Ratio, Price-to-Book, and The Price-to-Sales Ratio, we can identify what companies are suitable for our mission—to offer the public a mutual fund that provides good value.


4. The Fourth Account is Dividendinvestor (Dividend Hunter)

This account heavily invests in companies that pay high-yielding dividends. Portfolio rebalancing is made every month or every quarter depending on the market conditions. Each stock is meticulously selected not just by its dividend yields but also by its potential stock price upside.

Investment Strategy

1. Divide your investments on Dividendinvestor. We highly recommend investing every month or at least every quarter rather than putting a "one-time big-time investment." By doing it, you'll minimize your risk as well as maximizing the gains in the long run as we would also do that personally. 

2. The recommended time frame should be more than 3 years. For instance, if you plan to invest for 3 years, it's best to top-up your investments every month for 1 to 2 years consistently. If you plan to invest for 10 years, it's good if you will top-up every quarter or every month for the next 8 to 9 years, and harvest it in its 10th year.     

Trading/investing in the financial markets involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your results may vary. Because of its risk factor, only genuine "risk funds" should be used in such investments.